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RFBS Accounting is an authorised organisation via HMRC’s Trust and Company Service Provider (TCSP) register. As a firm, we can offer professional advice and support for a range of different requirements for your company or trust in a way that is fully compliant with statute, fully regulated and compliant with all relevant anti-money laundering regulations.

Where necessary, RFBS Accounting can act as a relevant supporting director, secretary, shareholder, partner or trustee for such arrangements and are fully regulated to support this, to give you ease of mind and ensure complete compliance to both your wishes and the law.

As well as statutory support, we can also offer support in passing down assets with a degree of control via a trust, business or other similar arrangement by acting as a trustee, director or shareholder. Succession planning and business formation is a key component to the provision of these services and we will provide all financial and tax support alongside your solicitor whom can provide you with the necessary legal support and underwriting. We will understand your wishes and will aim to carry them out in the most tax-efficient and compliant way.

We can also assist with the formation of companies and their legal forms, large combined entities and multi-company groups as well as registration and acting as a legal support via our company services to support with statutory obligations as well as a provision of a registered address for business operations and correspondence until you are fully established or, should it be required, after.

Our help and advice can include

  • Formation of a company
  • Act as a director, secretary or partner of a firm
  • Provide a registered business office, business address, correspondence or administrative address
  • To act as a trustee for a trust or other similar arrangement
  • To act as a nominee shareholder for another person or entity (non-listed firms)
  • Supporting a solicitor to the statutory requirements of such arrangements
  • Further support via succession planning, retirement planning, trust arrangements and FICs
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Contacted RFBS to carry out my self assessment tax return. As a none UK resident I needed someone who understood my UK tax liabilities and Ryan the Director certainly did. The promptness and accuracy of all the communication was excellent.